Red Bull Soapbox Race at Alexandra Palace

On Sunday we went to the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Ally Pally. Although the weather wasn’t as sunny as it had been all week, the rain did stay away until everyone had raced. It could have stayed away as we ran to the bus but hey ho!

It was a beautifully eccentric British summers day. The soapboxes came in all shapes and sizes, with most making it all the way down to the finish line. Maybe not as whole as they started the race!


I managed to take a few pictures of the soapboxes as they zoomed, crashed and fell apart as they passed.

DSCF0433  DSCF0446  DSCF0451  DSCF0449  DSCF0445  DSCF0442

The imagination and skill of the creators of the carts were amazing, one was made out of Zimmer frames and cost about £30 to create.

I would love the chance to create a soapbox but maybe not race it! I think my skills would be put to better use.



Lizzie x

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