Floral Handbag Project

This week I have been designing a new handbag, it is inspired by the flower collection from the range of products I have created and developed. To see an example of some of the products using the flower design, follow this link www.lizziesearle.co.uk.

I thought I would show you some of my sketches and experiments. I have made a floral inspired bag before similar to the first sketch so wanted to create something slightly different. I really wanted there to be a strong link between this handbag amd the floral design I use for my products.

Initial Sketch for the handbag, I like the shape but felt the flowers needed to be different.
The flowers in this design are like the motifs I work with for my flower collection.
These are the offcuts from cutting out the flowers, I love the colours but I never know what to do with them!
The flowers cut out before sewing.
Adding the detail with free machine embroidery.
The embroidered flowers before I cut them out again!

I really like how the flowers look from the back. They are slightly different from how I usually create the flower hair grips and brooches. For this project I will cut them out but I think I will revisit this as a design.

This is the view from the back of the embroidered flowers.
Experimenting with how to create the flowers on stems.

I am really pleased with how the flowers have worked and I think once they are all put together I believe it will look impressive. I just need to get on and make them!

The wired stems wrapped in thread seem to work well.

Once I feel I have created enough flowers I’ll need to work out how they will be attached to the handbag. I will keep you up to date with the handbag development!

Lizzie x


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