Making of the Button Tin Handbag

In the process of creating the Button Tin handbag I took a few pictures along the way. I thought it would be good to show you them in this post.

Here are some images from the pages of my sketchbook. I knew roughly how I wanted the bag to look, it was just a case of working out how I would construct the bag and how to decorate it.

Initial sketches of the handbag.
Ideas on how to add my “signature”.
Working on inspiration for the decoration from other tins.
More inspiration for the decoration of the handbag.
Image of the construction of the handbag.
Hand sewing the outside of the handbag, I felt this gave me more control.

Using the skills, techniques and mistakes I have learnt from working on other projects I set out to make the bag. I love the challenge of making something new, you never quite know if it will work out but you also know that you will find a way!

I really enjoyed how much of this handbag was hand embroidered and hand constructed. I only really used the sewing machine for the free machine embroidered lining.

Embroidering the lining.
Getting ready for the moment of truth, would the lining still fit after embroidering it!
Finishing touches, this is the lining for the lid of the handbag.

I am pleased with how the bag looks now it is finished, especially the scale. Aside from the intricate design and detail, I still wanted the finished product be a functional handbag. Although the bag is small, you can still fit a phone, lipstick and a few coins in it!

Button Tin Handbag.
The finished Button Tin Handbag.

Lizzie x

2 thoughts on “Making of the Button Tin Handbag

  1. I met you on Saturday Lizzie at the Burnham Market Craft Fair and bought one of the Beach Hut Makeup Bags. I had a smooch around the other stalls and it was amazing to see so many Fabric Crafters there. I do dabble with sewing myself but I must say I do like your touch and for me it did stand out by far from the other Crafters, very neat and lovely ideas. My Husband said it looked similar to Poppy Treffry.
    I will certainly be looking at your shop on your website.
    Hope to see you again sometime in the future, best wishes Lorraine Retallic


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